Who we are

The mission of Incitis

is centered on R&D activities and the deployment on the markets of solutions of any kind whatsoever concerning the urban and interurban mobility of goods and peopleThe activities of the company are at the service of this objective in a direct or indirect way.

The founders of the company are managers who are experts in the B2B market for the transport of goods and people, its customers, its products, their industrialization and production, their marketing and after-sales support.

From the outset, they were joined by a "serial entrepreneur" who had created a dozen companies and a manager-expert in mass distribution and distance selling.

Our team of experts

Founder of INCITIS
Chairman of the Board

A member of the Renault Trucks Management Committee, Eric was responsible for the product plan, all product lines and after-sales. He also managed the subsidiary dedicated to special vehicles. 


Ingénieur de l’Ecole Centrale Paris, Patrice a passé toute sa carrière chez Renault Trucks, successivement au Bureau d’études, en fabrication, qualité, et achats avant de devenir Directeur du produit pendant 10 ans. 

& Partnership

ECAM engineer and graduate of EM Lyon and Wharthon Business School, Bruno has had an international career. He was a member of the Management Committee of Mack Trucks in the USA in charge of purchasing, then responsible for purchasing for the AB Volvo Group in Sweden for 10 years.

Investor Relations

Brieuc est un «  serial entrepreneur » qui a fondé 20 sociétés. Il est le Fondateur et Chairman de Medimprint et a été le Chairman de PIA 1&2 Future Investment Juries PSPC & support des  PFMI.

and communications

Bertrand est un professionnel de la vente des produits et des services à haute valeur ajoutée. Il a été responsable des ventes et des opérations chez 3 SUISSES Entreprises. Il a été Directeur commercial d’une filiale B2B du Groupe Auchan.

Financial Advisor
Investor Relations

Jeremy was a member of the English Private Equity group 3i. Jeremy brings his expertise in terms of fundraising and financial structuring.
Jeremy apporte son expérience en qualité de membre du supervisory Board de plusieurs Holdings de 3i en France et UK (par exemple Vignal systems, ou ECM Infrafours).

Strategic Advisor
Industrial Relations

An INSA Lyon engineer, Raphael worked for 20 years in American groups as Vice-President Europe Sales Marketing and Business Development.
For the past 7 years, he has been the owner and CEO of two companies specializing in electronic power and energy conversion systems for urban transport.

International sales

GEMCO is a Dutch coachbuilder manufacturing special vehicles and security vehicles.
The GEMCO Design Office supports the Incitis project.
GEMCO has built 5 prototypes close to the Incitis concept.