Incitis :
A unprecedented innovative solution
for delivery
With its unique functionalities and its 8 tons of payload (the equivalent of 6 to 7 commercial vehicles), the delivery platform developed by Incitis makes it possible to consolidate and accelerate deliveries and contributes to the decluttering of urban space by reducing the number of vehicles needed to carry out the rounds.
Tests carried out in real conditions have confirmed a time saving of 30% on a round (on average) compared to conventional trucks of the same size, i.e. a saving of 1 vehicle out of 3 !

Thanks to its 5 openings on 3 sides, the goods, which can be refrigerated, are very easily accessible, regardless of the parking conditions in the delivery area.
These openings contribute to a smoother and faster delivery.

The route can be reorganised instantly according to traffic and/or customer urgency with great flexibility.
Deliveries and the vehicle (openings, etc.) can be managed in a very simple way by tablet, which facilitates the work of the delivery driver on a daily basis.

With the push of a button, the truck has the ability to lower to ground level for level deliveries (no tailgate needed!).
The delivery driver can thus remove the goods more quickly and in complete safety for him and for other users.

This disruptive evolution brings a decisive change for delivery!

The lowered cab further improves the ergonomics of this delivery platform during multiple ascents/descents during rounds and allows better visibility of other road users.

Incitis has chosen electromobility.
The vehicle is 100% electric and designed for PIEK certification, for silent and emission-free deliveries in city centers.
The choice of battery + fuel cell technology optimises payload and extends range up to 400 km for greater touring versatility.